Situation of the region of El Bierzo

The region of El Bierzo is situated in the most western part of the province of León. It is a valley surrounded of mountains, ploughed through by courses of rivers and brooks, that receives varied crops from the vegetable garden until the vineyard, silent landscapes where inhabits the culture of a zone whose origins trace back to the preroman period. Some surroundings influenced by the history and the tradition, crossed by the Way of Santiago and by infinity of both adorned of chromatic contrasts, artistic and cultural where the travellers will find people, rooting to the earth and a gastronomy based in traditional foods and wines.

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El Bierzo, the key stage on the way

When the way of Santiago crosses El Bierzo, the pilgrims will find with a magic place, out of the conventional and will feel rallied around by a benign climate.

The travellers will cross varied crops and vineyards while penetrate into a valley of illusions and natural landscapes.

A route through the vineyard

From the Cruz de Ferro, in the mountain Irago, the pilgrims will access to El Bierzo to Molinaseca where the Iglesia de las Angustias or the roman Bridge will be a stop forced. A route by inns and cellars will guide to the pilgrim to Ponferrada and his streets with templar air.

The Way penetrate into the bierzo vineyard and crosses places like Camponaraya and Cacabelos. Some surroundings of vineyards and cherry trees, footpaths where the vintage is a reality in the autumn. The route continues to Villafranca del Bierzo crossing places like Pieros, in the base of the Castro Ventosa, where the roman city Bergidum Flavium gave name to El Bierzo.

The arrival to Villafranca del Bierzo will surprise us with important monuments like the Iglesia de Santiago where in the outside finds the Puerta del Perdón. In this place the pilgrims win the jubilee when they are incapacitated to continue the Way.

The vineyard and the wine in El Bierzo

The vineyard in El Bierzo is planted mostly in bush vines in the slopes of the mountains with floors constituted by a mix of fine elements like quartzites and blackboards. The variety by excellence is the Mencía, a grape ink that characterises the wines of the region and generates powerful wines and silkies, with marked mineral character. Other varieties like the Garnacha tintorera, Godello and Doña Blanca contribute to the expression and identity of the wines of the Bierzo.

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